Carmen Díaz

Self-taught, inspired to learn

Latina. Mother. Coder with a passion for hiking, jungshin, wine and kickboxing.

Who is Carmen?

Carmen is an accomplished and tireless Latina software developer.

Her expertise ranges from database design and data-warehousing to web development.

After a pause for maternity leave, Carmen has re-entered the workforce as a powerful symbol of strong, minority single mothers in tech. Her current work includes backend engineering and API work for mobile apps. Carmen is also strengthening her skill set as a Full-stack Engineer.

In addition to a rich development background she’s engaged in numerous causes that champion women in tech and minorities.


Web Development

Ruby on Rails sites.

Methodology / Tools

Work on Agile teams that promotes driven development BDD / TDD, continues integration, small releases, planning and retrospectives.

Work with Project Tracking Software such Jira, Pivotal Tracker, etc, and version control tools



Data warehousing with Oracle and Microsoft tools. Web development on projects using MySQL & Postgress.

Driven Development

RSpec / Capybara.

Tools / Framework

Bootstrap / Bulma
Haml / Slim/ erb
Css / Sass / Less
Javascript (jQuery, ES6). Knowledge of React / NodeJs


BS, Business Administration

Universidad Nacional de Asunción. Paraguay

BS, Systems Analysis

Universidad Católica Ntra Sra de la Asunción. Paraguay